January 25th, 2008

"you were knocking me down with the palm of your eye"

A friend was telling me last night how she feels mentally ready to be in a relationship. Confident and relatively content with herself. I said that's funny, don't people usually find the person and then assess the situation? Because it is about how two people interact.

But retrospectively, I understand better what she means. And I tell myself that maybe time is there to polish me and patience will let things happen better when they do happen.

Yesterday I skipped out of class early to sit in on the sitar lesson that should be mine. It was so good! to talk to Scott-ji and the only two students. and to try to keep up with them. A comforting place. Like a relative's house with its small memories that you've forgotten until you are back.

I don't know what it was about the last few months, but songs come to me now, and I can almost dance!

A few days ago I watched The Darjeeling Limited which I hadn't heard of before but it was free at IV Theater and it was excellent! and made me emotionally confused because it made me miss India in a happy and sad way at the same time.