January 2nd, 2008

stitching. come to the Free Market.

Ah. I'm waiting for the UCSB registrar to confirm that yes, I am readmitted for Winter quarter– the one that starts on Monday.

The day after an emotionally quiet Christmas (something I accepted with grace), I went up to Davis with Chris and Marco.

Guy on SF-->Davis train: "What are you all doing up here?"
Me: "Escaping our home town."

It was very nice. Davis endears itself to me. We went to San Francisco for a day and watched Sweeney Todd and ate food and played around in KDVS.

On top of art gallery:

Mastermind from 1973 that we found on the sidewalk:

I'm still in the house. Working on that Willy-Wonka-inspired jacket that I started a long time ago. Embellishing it: