July 11th, 2007

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Could it be that at the core of my less-than-admirable character traits is a deep love for everything alive?

Corey is in Okawa, Japan, staying with one of my host families from three years ago. After coming back to America, I didn't keep contact with them, not because I don't love them dearly, or because I underestimated their kindness, but because, or so I felt, to keep thinking about them and missing them would have broken my heart in a way. So I flew forward with my life and immersed myself in everything around me with a renewed sense of who I was. Maybe this was wrong, and maybe to cut myself from them was especially egregious in the context of Japanese cultural and social conventions, but that was how I dealt. A few days ago I wrote them a letter for Corey to deliver, which was perhaps more open than they expect or are used to. I don't even know how much they remember me, but am doing a fair job of not worrying, too much, about how it will be received.