June 9th, 2007

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[Rough entry I'll never get around to refining]:

I have been almost absurdly happy lately. no big news or anything – I'm just excited by my projects and fascinated by everything around me, as usual.

Though here is one thing that has changed:

I am able to leave "stories" unfinished,
or better put: leave them trailing off, like something psuedo-avant-garde, or frayed, artistically,
without being unsatisfied. or at least without dwelling on them.

"stories" refer to real life interactions (and the mentally-constructed meanings attached to them, necessarily)

I think I can do this partly because I have learned to allow my own mind to reassure me: If I am able to recall the minute and occasionally profound details of a situation, what basis have I to assume that other people don't. You know, the ripples between people

I'll borrow a somewhat juvenile idea from my somewhat juvenile comparative literature class and say that we create, in our minds, what and who we love

Funny how we say "come visit! look me up!" as if to reassure each other, when what we really mean is
"I will probably never see you again."