May 13th, 2007

fingers in the ice water

Today was full of
aligning philosophies,
new and thoughtful music,
[video clip of shiny treetop view out of moving car window],
old people of the "cultured" and Green varieties,
genuine smiles,
and, dare I say it,

(no, I can't, yet).

First was the restoration project,
then David's recital with the SCA folks (*waves*),
then, Quentin and his roommate and I escaped to Ojai to see the documentary about Ralph Nader, An Unreasonable Man.

This morning we were talking about friendships
and I feel less crazy, now.
Because it seems that desiring to hang out with friends just because they're there, every free minute, is something some people grow out of. Maybe that's where a lot of disconnect happens.
[just what we need, more encouragement for her snobbery]

"I think you've grown quicker than I did."

On Friday I went to the "Musical Rendezvous with Ganesh & Kumaresh: A Fundraiser Event for ASHA- Santa Barbara" concert of South Indian music [instead of Gunther]. it was one of the best musical experiences of the year. partly because I am semi obsessed with violins and the concert was of two weaving/dancing/dueling violins, doing things that Western scales would never allow.

I discovered that The Mountain Goats sing of Raskolnikov. [hows that for a clash of two of Kristen's worlds]

Raskolnikov felt sick
but he couldn't say why
when he saw his face reflected
in his victim's twinkling eye

One thing I had meant to mention was that with me on the mostly empty State Street sidewalk, on Saturday morning, was a girl walking her cat.
And of course I pictured, absurdly, Louis [rat] in a minuscule harness and leash.

We talked about pets today too: much of the pleasure we [humans] derive from keeping a pet comes with taking care of it and keeping it healthy, even when that's unpleasant or inconvenient. the well-being of an animal is the actual end (at least one actual end), in contrast to any other use of animals we have. there's the way to draw a line analytically, if you find yourself arguing for animal rights anytime soon