May 12th, 2007

"just because you're weird it doesn't mean you're an artist"

I spent most of the day making my mom a care package. woke up to bus to the downtown farmers market to shop exclusively for her because I have a lot of food. a lot.

Here's what was in it– ready?
a scroll instead of a card
a huge cherimoya because she doesn't know what one is
a cute little succulent plant from the cute little succulent lady at the market. I got one for me too but it's okay, it's not food, and we need plants that won't die, and what the hell I don't need to excuse myself for buying a plant
some articles I clipped
and HOMEMADE TRUFFLES vegan of course. that's why it took most of the day.

I completely forgot about the free market at Alice Keck Park until tonight. and I'm annoyed with myself because I really want to meet the elusive people of Food Not Bombs, SB chapter.

anyway Corey, my brother (there are only three of us you know), was supposed to take these things to her when he went home. but, he apparently forgot I existed, and when I had the foresight to call and make sure he hadn't left town yet, 15 minutes before he supposedly said he would go, I was met with another
"oh shit."
and it kind of amazes me how someone can be so thoughtless, consistently? I remember commenting that I thought he was always high, but I guess I should stop being kind and admit that this is just how he is.

Today I was reading a tragically clear-sighted progressive blog and I thought "this is why I should learn to write" (and, "blogging is valid"). and was also a little bit overwhelmed with some very conflicting things- despair at being reminded of how fucked up the military-industrial complex is, and gratitude/love toward all the people who I hardly know who tirelessly pursue disarmament and peace.

I should go spend time at the camp. I'm obviously not fasting but I want to support them somehow.
hunger strike blog

oh and related, I have pretty much zero respect for the Nexus [newspaper] or its staff. I hope the conference went well today; not sure why this is exactly but lately I've been ready to act in solidarity with pretty much any anarchist or minority group. maybe it means I'm angry
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