April 14th, 2007

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social overload
memory overload

I had to break away from the churning colorful whirlwind that is today

I don't know what any of it means. I'm tired.

so many absurdities!

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How many people, when they can't understand what I'm saying because I'm inarticulate or speak too softly or we're listening to loud music or they're hearing-impaired, just smile and pretend we're actually communicating? more than I'd expect. alright.

This morning was Spring Insight on campus for the new freshmen and their parents, which meant a superhighway of tables and people tabling on them, between the Career Center and library. I was to help table for Students for a Free Tibet, and I'll save you from the torturous details of how incapable we are of doing anything, but after being late to campus to begin with it took us over an hour to gather materials and sit down at our table. I can't even describe how ridiculous it was.

I could compare our gross inefficiency this morning to the hours-long pre-party clothing and hair and make-up rituals of certain of my peers very recently. good lord, I wonder about people. who are so insecure as to miss out on a significant portions of their lives, for the care they take in making themselves up.

I left tabling to go to volunteer at Earth Day for 5 hours. would have been longer except I stopped by home and then realllllly needed a nap. I had a headache and then for no good reason felt that crying my brains out would do me good. which I couldn't do, I had no reason to be sad. slept, fitfully.

Earth Day was fun, EAB pulled off a good event. I saw so many people! hippie friends and New Orleans friends and music friends. some notable conversations, interesting comments, odd social situations... yeah whatever

A friend let me know that he had been meaning to tell me that he respected me. that was kind of out of the blue.

I like awkward people of the type that
couldn't be fake if they tried