March 21st, 2007

"Dig in. Um. Ow. Yeah! Shang a lang-a"

Today was good!

My last final was yesterday so now I'm just working on that stooopid newsletter. just kidding. it will be a great newsletter. I just keep putting off writing articles to brainstorm layouts and a logo.

Went on an oddly undisturbed walk on the lagoon island, to sit on my sitar blanket and multitask. I also got The Picture of Dorian Gray from the library and read the rather lengthy editor's introduction. I'm usually too

[WOW, okay, time for a new living situation]

too much of a snob to read editors' introductions but this one was fascinating, about Wilde's life and symbolic art and of course homophobia. It's been too long, some internal gaping emptiness has been filled– I hadn't realized how much I sorely miss literature.

Speaking of free love,
this song "Little Boys" is playing and, despite how creepy it is, delights me to no end. to get the full effect, look up what Devendra Banhart looks like and sounds like
"I may not look it but I swear my heart is young.. for so many.. little boys I wanna marry!
I see plentyyyy.. of little kids I've yet to have!"

yeah anyway

Jennie is engaged!! my Jennie! Nicole I could handle, but holy moly...

A couple days ago I tried drawing the orchid I got from the Flower Guy, to see what would happen, and because I felt like combining colors that shouldn't be used together. i need to start drawing

I am so bringing my little p.o.s. guitar to Louisiana. I still don't know how to play any of my flutes.

The stars will align, kiddos
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