March 14th, 2007

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I didn't sleep last night!
Ha ha! Ha ha! I look it too!

A woeful tale
First, I was happy at the prospect of taking a hot shower in the middle of the pitch black early morning, but there was no hot water, and then thought "oh but I will take a walk to see the sunrise and it'll be so nice" but the sun never came out, and I was also like "well I can go to campus early and play sitar outside in the dewey morning" but then our TOILET BROKE, and then I was like "well at least I can take a nap outside after section, nobody's taking That away" but it is too cold.
The end

At 6-something this morning I sort of dozed for 20 minutes while sitting on the couch with my mouth and eyes half open but then something alerted me, and I became aware of my position, and I laughed myself awake

What experiments shall I perform on myself given such a unique opportunity? I will not be doing this again anytime soon