March 6th, 2007

generously call it meditation

Hm what's today. Monday.
or, was

Saturday was the Naples hike and bike ride, where we watched a little sharkling move around in its egg sac and grinned in wonder like little children.

Sunday morning Chancellor Yang walked past the Grow Native and Wild plot outside the Old Little Theater, where I was weeding, and said he passed by there every day to admire it, and said thank you, and I said "thank you!"

Last night I reveled in the little paradise that is the More Mesa bluff.

I have taken on too many projects.

There were two Biko shows. they put me through whirlwinds. sometimes I sit at the playground and remember camarillo and miss people.

or just let the night wash over me
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I just glanced through my latest entries and they are inarticulate as hell.

Job opportunities and internships keep materializing at me, the catch being they require a commitment next Fall. I dread hearing about them because I don't want to find one "too good to pass up". I was thinking about this, because I know how easily I convince myself not to do things. The only circumstances I can think of that might make me change my mind about going to India are securing a perfect and meaningful job that will extend through after I graduate, and falling in love, maybe.

One thing I need to do more of, for my own sanity's sake, is surround myself with like-minded people. It has been interesting hearing different reactions to my ambitious/foolish plans, but only occasionally do I find someone who gets what I'm saying and understands why I might value the things I do.

Saturday is Tibetan National Uprising Day, and we're going to Los Angeles. SFT and the Tibet movement, or more accurately, their seeming lack of cohesion and energy, make me angry at the world-- which doesn't help anything. I'm too easily frustrated with inefficiency.