February 25th, 2007

need another chance aaah!

I took my car on its biweekly spin (to keep it from breaking down) (anyone need a car?...) and got flowers from a Trader Joes dumpster.

Oh and I have to share this. 9-something this morning, I was minding my own business, looked outside and noticed two guys pitching a tent next to the Breakpointe sign. "Hm," I thought, "a new protest effort?". Nothing was happening though, went back to making breakfast. Next time I looked over, they were taking pictures of the tent with a fancy camera. "Oh, art students". Then there was a fumbling within the tent, and a naked man stepped out. He put his hands on his hips confidently, stretched as if just waking up, and posed for the photographers for what was probably several minutes. Good show mate. It was drizzling this morning.