February 23rd, 2007

today I am amused

I like to remind myself that even if I feel crazy, I am not unique- I have the same brain structure as everyone else, neurons fire the same way, my sense of self is likely perfectly ordinary. It is nice to consider how probable it is that other people have the same thoughts. and disconcerting, haha
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    Jenny Lewis "Melt Your Heart"

Music and friends, and the stars are glorious

I caught some of the Peace Out music fest but then was torn away by plans I made myself,
oh the irony!

That's okay,
went to the jazz show at the MCC, where, I consoled myself, it was warm.
Ulysses S. Jasz was so delightful, a band of old men. I came up with unflattering yet endearing names for some of them.
I really respect the music kids, they seem to give so much of themselves.

Noticed the clear dark night.

Downed some coffee and steeled myself for a brief appearance at Tashi's birthday party. Fun to see dorm friends! Though everything drunk people say bounces off of me and holds no meaning. even if it should. I am amiable and tolerant. I was trying to have a conversation with Kate when:

Random guy with head up his ___ , and beer: "Hey, glasses girl. (*eyes me up and down*) I see you really dressed up for the party!" *motions to black hoodie*
Me: "I'm here to see Tashi."
Tactfully Challenged: "Oh, I don't mean to be mean. More like, you're that girl that, I look at you and know that, it's going to be hard to talk to you. [blab blab blab]" *grossly confident smile*
Me: *stare of blatant dismissal*
Patriarchial fool: "You want me to go away. I'll be back in 10 minutes okay?"
Kate: *cracks up*

Rode back through IV and managed not to hit the mobs of pedestrians who don't know how to walk