February 17th, 2007

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After I crest a hill on my bike and start gathering speed, sometimes my shoulder blades tingle - I like to think it's because I was a bird in a past life

sunshine and shade

Recount of days:

After the [long and exhilarating] protest on Thursday I was late to a Habitat meeting where I realized that getting to know my trip-mates will take some work.

Then at 8:00 I walked around the block to Experimental Music Night and was comfortable there. socially I mean.


Now, I've been to a few seminars at the Institute of World Culture- they're free and varied; attendees are mostly old people and middle-aged ladies, with a couple wary community college kids and one or two crazy radical activists. We all sit around a long awkwardly-shaped table and watch the speaker at the head of it. It's fairly intimate. Nobody I know (/already knew) has been there, so I was pretty surprised when my brother, of all people, asked about the latest workshop by name. I raised an eyebrow and said that yes in fact it's been on my calendar for weeks. So instead of all those attendees I mentioned plus me, Friday's audience was all those attendees I mentioned plus me plus my little brother plus his random friend.

The workshop was "The Art of Starting and Building A Sustainable Community" featuring [excellent, excellent] speaker Adam Wolpert.
Occidental Arts & Ecology Center

This morning was the EAB bike ride and hike to the butterfly preserve. So Fun.

Soon after that, Habitat for Humanity was supposed to clean up Goleta Beach to raise funds through Shoreline Preservation Fund, but nobody showed up. Only me and Sean the organizer. Whatever, we cleaned the whole thing ourselves anyway.

Like how I casually squash hours and hours of outdoor adventure into a few overly simplistic sentences?

Today was fantastically warm, like summer.

Um so. Rode home and went to the co-op and did stuff and looked at the clock and found that EGADS it's almost 6:00;
rushed to campus again because I said I would for:
"An Evening of Indian Carnatic Music" by R. Murthy (vocal), N. Chandran (violin), R. Balamurthi (mridangam)

One of the most interesting parts of an event such as tonight's concert is seeing who all shows up. In front of me was a lady in a business suit who read The Economist as we waited for the show to start. To my left were a white middle aged couple, and the presumed-wife wore something trying to be a sari, probably to show the room how cultured she was. [cynical! i know] The "Unknown Heart-ist Philosopher Freak", as she introduced herself, was there. And then there were the regulars.

I very much hope that when I hear music live it enhances my creative potential and to an extent stays with me, instead of just flowing right through.

I am soooo sunburned