February 3rd, 2007

hey I like your button too baby

Stephen Pinker spoke at Corwin Pavilion and now I am impatient again, excited again, to learn about evolutionary psychology. His presentation was like... an intellectual dessert.

Habitat for Humanity is building three houses on a site on Via Lucero off of La Cumbre. I volunteered there this morning and it was so fun, what a random coming-together of strangers, "I feel like doing construction this morning, maybe I'll show up at an obscure location and work to build someone's house".

Okay. Paparazzi dressing up to be in the ignored presence of celebrities. Paparazzi in general. Celebrities in general. Do people ever stop to analyze what they're doing? Do they ever ask themselves why they care about absolute strangers whom everybody knows about but few people actually know? The SBIFF is in town and even my independent media is abuzz with movie star sightings and gossipy stories about nothing. On a related note, I cannot stand NAME DROPPING.

I need a nap.

I also need to accidentally-on-purpose run into someone before I go completely insane.