February 2nd, 2007

it just takes practice

It worked, I'm a genius

Let's see. I am very likely going on the Habitat spring break trip. I sort of balked at "...there's usually a morning circle. Habitat for Humanity is, (*pause*), a religious organization on some campuses, not here, so sometimes there are morning prayers and things". But I figure that if I can so readily embrace Buddhist religious practices when I am not Buddhist, I should get over myself and quietly overcome my aversion to all things Christian. Maybe I will better myself by doing so. I am kind of quick to scorn things.

I've started working on a forthcoming campus Sustainability Newsletter, with a team from an ES writing class that includes frankiesaysrawr, Juliette, and Paul (wth?!). How fun. I know people!

When I take walks with the Buddha Machine in my pocket (imagine, ambient loops with no obvious source slowly flowing through the air- it's cinematic and lovely), usually when it's raining, I am never more aware of noise pollution. The noise that cars make is so ingrained that we don't think about how unnatural it is. Quiet is nice, especially because it's not silent, there are birds, and leaves blowing, and in my case rain, and in my case soft ambient loops, that are all drowned out usually. Crassly.

I am so glad the Daily Sound has started distributing to campus (front of library) and IV (front of co-op)

Saw an abbreviated Middle East Ensemble perform at the Spot last night.

I have to go to the zoo (again) to observe the primates (again). Anyone?...