January 31st, 2007

music lately

Yesterday's sitar class was cut short by a high-strung event staff who needed the room (Geiringer)- the one and only Bobby McFerrin was to "hold a masterclass with UCSB students". This meant coaching the a capella groups BFoM and Naked Voices, to a public audience that filled the room's capacity. How very convenient. I stayed to watch of course, and was very entertained: he's a character and seems to have a way of enlivening people. Plus, free concert. Freshman year I used to take weekly field trips with the fangirls of my dorm hall to watch BFoM rehearse. Ahaha. I miss freshman year sometimes.

Sitar has been interesting, the beginning class has like 15 students instead of 4. I asked Scott where he found all these people? and he said he just did a better job of advertising this year. I like the large class! We are a force to be reckoned with. It is all guys, plus a yogi lady who is obviously infatuated with Scott (awkward!), plus me.

Performers at today's noon concert? Santa Barbara street musicians. What a great idea