January 24th, 2007


The concert today, oh my goodness. Rev, Colin, Gib, Rob, and another, singing sea shanty songs. Need I say more???!

Come to the music bowl on Wednesdays!

I forgot to tell you about the "Peace Out" meeting last week in the IV Tenants' Union building. The meeting was to come up with ideas/actions, work out details of the forthcoming "Peace University" (sounds lame, but it will be totally dynamic and you'll hear more I promise), and gage what sort of antiwar force the community has. It was held partly by SAW (Solidarity Against War) and partly by individuals good at networking. The turnout was really good and I was able to put some names to faces. I had to leave before much could be decided. But I loved seeing all those people there.

I need to figure out how to make the situation in Tibet, or the Olympics in Beijing as it relates to Tibet, into an interactive presentation on tourism.
Devious plans up the wazoo.

A book in-process that I want to read RIGHT NOW: The Emerging Physics of Consciousness

P.S. Ha ha! The Impeachment of George W. Bush: A Handbook for Concerned Citizens. Someone request it, I want to speed this one through

P.P.S. Oh yeah! Bicycling opera singer last night: major props to you
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A couple minutes ago I was sitting here in my bubble at my desk, listening to what I guess is a beautifully sad song, when I was suddenly and grippingly aware of my own mortality, and scared ..to death
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