January 23rd, 2007

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I am sitting in the library waiting for the front desk to call me and say they've found the missing (not "checked out", but Missing) reserve books I am supposed to read by 8am tomorrow. La dee da. 8am tomorrow being my ES/Anth 130B discussion section which I have not been to yet this quarter. First week I was gone, waiting around for a bus in Long Beach as I recall; last week I slept through it. Off to a great start

Sometimes I really feel like saying "spontaneous" things to people I sort of know. And sometimes I am actually in their presence. Mutually exclusive.
damn this is getting ridiculous !!

So a few days ago I was walking past HSSB and glanced into the little box on the ground of Arts & Lectures Winter Schedules that is next to one of the wooden standup ad things. And I noticed an odd cardboard-looking brown thing with what looked like a golden seal, resting on top of the stack of schedules. And here's the wth part. I thought, "hey that looks mysterious and awesome, wouldn't it be great if it were something someone planted there for a random curious passerby to find". And then I walked on past it. I had entertained that idea but didn't actually believe it; I didn't think people other than, like, me, did things like that. And then even so, (who wants rationality to kill such a pretty thought?) I told myself that if it were something exciting, I should leave it for the next person because I already appreciate such things and it might make somebody's day. AND THEN, two days later I read the article in the Nexus about the mad scientist, and kicked myself