January 21st, 2007

Haley St.

At the last minute I decided to actually go to the noise fest show at Muddy Waters [coffee shop], mostly because I knew that if I didn't I would regret it and curse myself for not seizing the opportunity

It was the most screeching, piercing, clashing music I have heard in a long time and I seriously enjoyed it. either I have Ears Of Steel or was already part deaf. Muddy Waters is trying to develop a scene I think and tonight's was delightful. It reminded me exactly of Davis actually.

I recognized and half-knew a surprising number of people there, though I'd only ever met a couple of them, which begs the question, is everyone (else) more aware of the people around them than they let on?

I left to catch the 11:00 bus, which had me cutting through the downtown bar scene and dodging pedestrians who like to take up the entire sidewalk. That was a learning experience in itself. I felt like I was getting in some good practice, dodging, strategically avoiding eye contact, and dealing with bizarre comments without slowing down– practice for what, I don't know

I stayed on the bus for too long, on purpose, because I didn't feel like ending my adventure yet. and I was curious where the bus stops after mine were and where the other people were going. Nobody got off all through Isla Vista, and I thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if each of them were waiting to see where the rest would go, and we went around in circles forever". But if that had happened you would not be hearing about it. It didn't happen. I only hung out until FT, where someone got off, at which point I figured it would be a bad idea to walk home in the cold from Camino Real. So I got off and on my walk back an owl with a white face flew across my path at eye level as if to say hello.