January 20th, 2007

some of my friends are finally opening their eyes

I feel like picking a fight. I need to take a long walk before I lash out and offend someone for no good reason

My favorite part of the Yungchen Lhamo concert was when a small child talked inappropriately through like three songs. You have this very poignant ethereal singing, lyrics about longing for spiritual freedom and fairly heavy themes, over which a small child babbles innocently. It could have been a performance piece. It added.

Kristen's exciting life

Latest scheme:

First part of summer, volunteer somewhere obscure doing something substantial, such as through Volunteers for Peace

Come back for summer session B, since our lease isn't up until September:
Anth 105 Human Variation (required)
Anth 142 People & Cultures of India

Move out of apartment,
run away to volunteer and live in India, specifically Auroville, for three months

Come back in time for Winter quarter 08. Ideally live in a co-op-ish house with a lot of (as yet imaginary) down-to-earth and interesting people.