January 19th, 2007

the trouble with introverts

I have been finding myself in awkward situations lately. That is probably how I would characterize the last week. I don't do much to bring them about they just materialize around me

One word summaries of meetings and meetings and meetings and more things:
EAB, yay
Anth student union, odd. in a bad way
Sustainability training, disappointing
ES mixer, nice
WiSE, ditched
Vegan outreach, awkward
SFT, cancelled
Amnesty, I-was-there-in-spirit-but-am-still-ashamed
Experimental music, dissonant! in a good way

Recently I half-consciously tried to make myself seem as unattractive as possible, but I don't think it had the intended effect

I watched the flash mob instead of participating because I'm lame

It amazes me how the smallest things can cause such elation!
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