January 15th, 2007

"The one thing you buy all week!"

Getting from Madre Grande to Santa Barbara was Hellish
adventure part deux

We left off "catching a ride" from camp as I vaguely put it– at midnight or so on Tuesday night, Tashi and I packed in a minivan with three other people plus all of our stuff. We barely fit. But nobody was really in the mood to notice that as I think we were all lost in our thoughts, sad about leaving the party early and feeling slightly cheated Collapse )

gleam what you will

Today I spent entirely too long trying to keep warm in my apartment. The building is oriented to get pretty much no warmth from the sun. Sometimes my nails turn purple when I'm cold and they were a frightening shade today.

I just heard a very interesting radio ad.
*ring ring*
"Girl, you burn about one calorie a ye-ah watching TV! How about I walk over to yo-ah house and we play cahds. Then we can walk over to the sto-ahr for a diet soda!" (..roughly)
"(chat chat chat)"
"Let's get stepping sistah!"
Narrator: Adopting a healthy lifestyle can feel like hard work, but it's easy with Sisterhood. (etc.) Sponsored by the American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, (more),...

Obviously a racially targeted ad, but I'm not sure what to make of it.


Yesterday I was flipping through random periodicals in the library and read in Sierra that
"Airlines burned an extra 350 million gallons of fuel in 2000 due to US passengers' increasing average weight over the past decade".

I also read that NASA changed its mission statement awhile ago, replacing
"...to understand and protect our home planet"
"...to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery, and aeronautics research",
which "reflects George W's interests in flights to the moon and Mars". Environment = cut out of the picture. An agency spokesperson denied it had anything to do with top NASA climate scientist James Hansen's regular use of the "home planet" directive when criticizing the Bush regime.

I think I might have read about this when it actually happened like a year ago but still. The decider rules the universe.

Dr. James Hansen will be speaking in Campbell Hall on Monday February 5 at 8pm, incidentally. free.


When you walk by cops do you tense up?
Would that be a reflection on you (feel guilty of something) or on them (created a bad reputation for themselves)?


Happy MLK Jr. Day <3