Kristen (laivine_) wrote,


Shawn and I have to go to the Indian Consulate in San Francisco to get our visas. I was planning on getting there the night before Sept. 7 (which is a Friday: turn in paperwork 9am-12, get visa back the same day, ~4pm)

because I have to move out of my apartment by the 6th, and we might as well wait to have our adventure until we're homeless.

I was kind of wondering where we would stay that weekend, and then at the anti-nuke conference we met someone called Baby Bird who lives in the trees in Berkeley.

(um perfect yeah)

and then yesterday at the downtown Food Not Bombs I was talking to Andrea, who had apparently met the same guy and was bummed she couldn't go up there this weekend. Then she mentioned a concert/festival that I hadn't heard of:

911 Power to the Peaceful

which is free, green, anti-capitalist, antiwar, and in San Francisco on Saturday the 8th.

(ever feel like things just... work out?)

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