Kristen (laivine_) wrote,

celebrate freedom with imitation bombs

I found a phone in the street
it was an expensive one
I poked around and found the list of recently-received calls,
and called some numbers, unsuccessfully.
this phone had a desktop picture of a mostly-naked woman
and editorialized contacts:
"Jon muthafucka ___"
"Meggie baby"
Eventually I thought to try speed dial
and reached the owner's parents.
We had a nice chat,
apparently his name is James
and he is "a very nice boy".
After a complicated series of events
I found out that he lives in the apartment complex next to mine.
I returned his phone
he gave me a hug and five dollars
I said the phone was in the street, his friend said "you've saved his life!", and James said, very gratefully,
"Hell I probably wouldn't have..."
and I looked at him, and wondered why he would not have
(returned a phone to its owner)
then they invited me to a party
and I declined.

Then I walked to campus, waited for a call, walked home
But not before seeing Andrew who made me genuinely, bigly, smile
And not before laying on the curvey bench in the middle of HSSB and gazing up at the tree and listening.
It's a nice tree. branches thin like veins.

I think I need a best friend
to keep me from backing out of things due to social anxiety.
Strong preference to gay males.

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