Kristen (laivine_) wrote,

from the carpet


Today I took a bus downtown to the Solstice Parade and sat next to an old fat man and read the intro to A Midsummer Night's Dream. Then several hours later I took a bus back home and sat next to the same old fat man and didn't even realize it until he said, "Was I sitting next to you before?" only this time I was reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman which I spotted for sale for $0.25 at the downtown library after not being able to find it in the stacks. Coincidence or NOT.

Here is a rough schedule of my life starting tomorrow:

Tuesdays, EAB supposedly
Thursday nights until August, 1-unit Edible Plants class at SBCC
Sundays, Grow Native and Wild restoration project
Ongoing, Department of Public Worms internship (composting)
Ongoing, Vernal pool invasive plants research project
Ongoing, my job. at the library. I almost forgot.
TBD, Food Not Bombs

Jun 24-27, Sustainability Conference of awesomeness at SBCC and UCSB
Jun 28- July 5, House-sit for the Hildners and take care of Gracie the large black poodle
August 6-Sept 14, Summer school Mon-Thurs. "Environmental Ethics" and "People and Cultures of India"
Very soon after Sept 14, move out
Very soon after that, fly to India

Never return!
just kidding

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