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Laguna Loire

Sunday, June 20, 2004

3:00PM - Me again! Doujinshi is soooo cool!

Current mood: bouncy

2:57PM - MEEE!

Current mood: artistic

Monday, June 7, 2004

6:49PM - hell...

ugh. what a god damn day. That's all I got for it. This has been one-god-damn day.

Current mood: sad

Saturday, June 5, 2004

5:28PM - The More I Learn, the Less I Know

Today has been interesting to say the least, i've met up with quite the motley crew today, Selphie was amongst them, which in itself was a surprise. Also in the party (to use the term loosely) was a man named Hojo, who seems to not want to say much. (Although if I was being held by the other one in their party, i'd keep to myself as well.) Also, is the owner of the bar, a Ms. Tifa Lockheart. Somehow, things just keep getting stranger instead of becoming clearer. So anyways, this man who is apparently the leader of this party, Amarant, seems trustworthy. (or so Selphie says. He SEEMS like a serial killer...i'll keep an eye on him.) I'll just have to ride this train out to see where it takes me. Also...Squall is here somewhere... according to Amarant and Selphie. Which brings up even more questions. Is he ok? Has he seen Raine? Or his sister? Are THEY alright? and once again, what is up with this Alcarin person? I STILL don't know anything about him/her except he/she knows ME and how to reach me. Ok now my head hurts. I need a drink like no one's business.

Current mood: curious

12:46PM - I Miss Elle

MAN! What a time it's been. So far I've toured half the world looking for answers as to why I woke up in Galbadia, i've been beaten up by a giant monster, fell through some kinda dimension-thingy, and now i'm getting weird letters from someone I don't even KNOW! Which is ESPECIALLY weird in this world where I don't even KNOW anyone. Man....I just wanna get a drink or something and sit down.

Current mood: drained

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

10:01AM - the mognifier's are here!

well...I'm in the city of Midgar, when all of a sudden, a woman gave me a package with MY name on it. If that don't beat the hell outta all. Anyways, I opened it and found a little silver shiny hand-held toy or somethan. It had a note from someone named Alcarin in it talking about how it was a mognifier and how it works. Something about how the worlds are in trouble are something. My heads spinning from all this crap. I just wanna go home, find Raine and lil' Elle, and sleep my fricking head off. But...I also know that if worlds are in danger, than the people are in danger...I can't let these innocent people get hurt. I'm gonna ask around a little more before I go home.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

9:27AM - days on days on end!


Wednesday, May 26, 2004

3:36PM - In the beginning

This journal has just been OVERTAKEN! mwahaha.