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5/10/17 08:48 am - Wednesday morning

I'm going to IKEA today.
Have to get a few things.
I desperately need to get the boxes of books away from my bedroom floor, so I have to get one more bookshelf. I also have a pile of grievances on a table in my living room, and I was thinking of getting a kind of box to put all the annoyance into - somehow sorted. I just don't know where else to put it.

I need another baking bowl.

Also, I'm on a mission to be more active. My Fitbit tells me that I should walk 10.000 steps each day, I thought I was - I wasn't. Last week I was active for the allotted amount of time every day, and I'm quite pleased with that.
I thought I burned too few calories each day though, so I read up on it a bit. Turns out I was wrong, I burn the amount of calories a day that a moderately active to active adult woman is supposed to burn. It's not as much as I hoped it would be. (Boo!)

But then again, I ate half a kebab pizza on Saturday, that's a lot. As long as I don't do that to often I should be ok.
Next big cheat day is 17th of May. Norway's National Day. The day we get together to eat and eat and eat.

I'm catching up on Vikings. Only have a few episodes left of season four.
It's an awesome show.
Bjørn is everything :p

4/21/17 11:29 pm - Kickstarter

I've decided that I need to join the "Brass" kickstarter.

What is Brass you say? Well, naturally it's a board game. Because, come on, it's me. I pledge to board games.

Brass is a new and improved edition of a game that came out about 10 years ago. Same game, new art, more streamlined rules and prettier components. I'm hooked.
It looks amazing.
Of course I pledged like an idiot, so I'm getting both games (because they also made a new game in the same genre). I couldn't choose. I'm so excited. I just have to keep the excitement for about a year, because it takes a while to produce. At least I have something to look forward to.

4/16/17 10:01 am - Easter

Easter is upon us, and I'm doing my very best to eat a little bit of candy every day.
I'm also reading a crime novel, and I do not read much crime. The thing is, here in Norway, you're supposed to read crime over Easter. The reason behind this is because of some publishers pushed crime during Easter early in the 1900s, but I can't remember the story exactly. It worked though, we're still stuck on Easter crime stories.

We actually sell more books this time of year. People genuinely read more. It's a bit funny.

The very image of a Norwegian Easter is in a cabin, snow all around, sunshine, crime, coffee and kvikk lunch (kit cat type chocolate), oh and oranges...
I'm steering clear of mountain trips, cabins and snow. I don't really ski. I'm happy to eat some candy and read though.

These days off work have been fantastic. I think I've really needed them.
Thursday Eliin came over, we ate bacon pancakes for breakfast and watched "Eddie the Eagle", then we got some coffee and watched "Rogue One". Later we got McDonald's and watched "Sing" and we finished the day watching "The Secret Life of Pets".

Friday was game-day with Morten.
Two rounds of Grand Austria Hotel and two rounds of Mombasa. Both great games.
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And now I'm with my mom. Just relaxing.


4/1/17 04:53 pm - Baking day

I'm with my mother today.
We baked orange marmalade sweet rolls from a recipe I found on Pinterest.
They are so tasty 😋

I need to make these again sometime.

The recipe


3/29/17 10:55 pm - Wasted Wednesday

I kind of feel like I've wasted this day.
I've done nothing.
I read a chapter in The Heir, I watched tv and played on my iPad.
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And I played three rounds of Legendary with friends. We fought Galactus three times, there was no victory. Tremendous losses. He stomped all over us.

But the boys are funny and I like playing with them (they are actually customers from work. We hit it off and started playing together). I felt like they needed to play Legendary, and so I took it upon myself to teach them the game. We've been playing it ever since.
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Work again tomorrow.
This has been a weird week so far.

I had a dream about Sebastian Stan last night.
Didn't hate it. I could have been a bit less awkward in it, but he was pretty. He can show up in my dreams any time he feels like it 😊

3/28/17 11:22 pm - Life, and other things

Iron Fist didn't last long. I finished it pretty quickly. I managed to drag out the last couple of episodes though, and now I can hardly wait for The Defenders. Daredevil and Iron Fist in the same show... my fangirl heart is beating harder just thinking about it.
Did I mention that superheroes are my drug of choice?

When the new spider-man trailer was released today I was tagged in it by a friend with this amazing gif of Stitch just pointing and stating that "yes, this is my fetish!" I laughed, some people just know me to well...
The trailer was excellent too. Spider-man... would you believe it, Marvel managed to get me excited about yet another Spider-man movie. Tom is just perfect for the part. Perfect!

Had a late lunch date with Eliin today, we try to have these after work cafe dates at least every other week, to just get out of the house and be a bit sociable. Some salad, coffee, cake and girl talk later we both felt better and then I could go home and play board games with her brother.
We're still playing Anachrony (my newest addition), and trying to get better at it. This was my third game, and I've never played it worse. I was not ready for the race I was playing at all. Good game, mega loss.

A couple of weeks back I just decided it was about time to stop talking about getting a new tattoo and just do it. So I did.
Actually, I got two. Because one of them is so small, I didn't want to book an appointment just for that one.

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I'm one of those people whose tattoos makes me less cool. Being that nerd stuff is generally not considered "cool", I'm the one with a Tetris piece on my arm and a BB-8 on my neck. There is no "cool" for me, and that's ok.

New episode of Riverdale this week. Excuse me while I go squee in joy for a while. :)

3/18/17 07:02 pm - The Immortal Iron Fist

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my superheroes. I am a superhero slut.
I have a few faves and a lot of likes.
When Marvel teamed up with Netflix for Daredevil I was in heaven. I've loved Daredevil since I was a teenager. I've enjoyed getting to know both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage through the Netflix series, because even though they have showed up in stories I've read, I've never read stories that are exclusively theirs. The same goes for Iron Fist. He's shown up a lot, he even helped Matt get out of some "I am not Daredevil" clinches... and I love him for it.

Yesterday morning when I woke up I watched the first 15 minutes of the Iron Fist pilot, then I begrudgingly had to go to work.

I watched a few more episodes when I got home and I got inspired. I needed to know more about the Iron Fist. So I borrowed The Complete Collection volume 1 from Morten and I started reading. It is so good!
To hell with critics, I am enjoying this show.
I liked Jessica Jones, and I liked Luke Cage. I like Iron Fist more. I'm letting my kung fu flag fly.

Now come here you sexy, blond warrior you...
mmmmmm, Finn...

3/13/17 11:25 pm - Board games!!

A mistake was made and now up I have to make sushi bowl for dinner for the next four days!
It could have been worse. But it is a bit silly. At least I'm going to eat fish this week :)

Yesterday Morten and I played my amazing new board game.
The one I pre-ordered a while back. It just arrived. No shipping e-mail or anything. Just, suddenly board game!
The box is big! And heavy! The miniature exosuits are awesome.

We started yesterday by playing a round of Trajan and a round of Castles of Mad King Ludwig. Sunday is perfect for board gaming.

Almost finished reading Cinder. I'm kind of loving it. No matter how well I know the fairy tale, the evil step mom still makes me super angry.
When I'm done reading that I'm going to read the fourth Selection book. They are pure guilty pleasure.

3/4/17 09:59 pm - Oh Wade <3

Reading Cinder.
Only just started it, but I think it might be my kind of thing. I like fairytales, I like sci-fi, I like dystopian stories...

Thinking a lot about a new tattoo these days. I think I just found one I'd like to have on my wrist. Been looking for something for my wrist for a while. First I'll have to pay my mother back for the tickets she bought for Italy, and then I can go get an appointment.

Today I woke up and didn't feel like crap. I love the days of non-self loathing. I even looked ok in the mirror. Let's call it a tiny miracle.

Watched the first episode of Royals. I thought maybe the William-crush might have passed, being that it's been years and years (since Narnia).
You were there LJ, you know...
He just had to show up on my screen again and I died a little. So, I guess it's just there to stay. I have to watch a few more episodes of the show to make up my mind about the content, but it seems like easy intrigue and drama.

Viaplay has added season two of Black(ish) in silence. I just discovered it today. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping more seasons of The Goldbergs will suddenly appear too. I like Black(ish) a lot, but I fricking love The Goldbergs.

Tomorrow is Logan-day!

And here's some Deadpool...
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3/2/17 11:26 pm - It's almost Friday

Going to see Logan on Sunday!
It is a bit sad that this is Hugh's last movie as Logan and Patrick's last time as Charles. But at the same time it seems like they are leaving the show with a bang. The "finally and adult Wolverine movie" movie. About fricking time too.
Thank you Deadpool, for opening that particular door. I am so nervous for this film, and at the same time I'm really looking forward to it. I expect I'll cry. I hope I'll cry. It needs some tears.

Viaplay is adding The Royals, and I felt my old crush on William Moseley just pounce. I need to check that show out, if for nothing else than him. It is probably not my kind of show. But sometimes those shows become kind of my guilty pleasures. Or I get hooked for a little while and then I get sick of the drama... that's usually what happens.

When are they going to make it clear that the Blossom-twins were in a very, let's say, loving relationship? In every flashback I expect them to kiss. Something about the way Cheryl talks about him. There is just something incestous about them. Yes, because I rewatched last week's episode of Riverdale.

And also, Pinterest has figured out that I like Riverdale so it started showing various pictures of Cole Sprouse (which I don't hate), and then some of his Halloween costumes started showing up. *enter the black hole that is Pinterest*
I love his Halloween costumes. If they actually say something about him as a person, then I just might love that guy a little bit. His Milo from Atlantis is too perfect.

If you ever want to just see something wonderful then google "Colton Haynes Halloween costume", because he is the master. He just wins at Halloween. We are not worthy :)

This concludes today's thoughts on unimportant things.
Enjoy your weekend.
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