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Laura / Verity

pink & blue

Pink and Blue
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This is our shared Live Journal, so there's two people involved in posting.
We post a lot, mostly under 'Friends Only'

Sometimes it's personal so we have to be picky about who we add, sorry!

If you do want to be added to our Friend's List, then could you drop a comment here please, just explaining who you are etc.

Our contact details can be found under a Friend's Only post here if you're interested.

Laura & Verity
There's this pink one and this blue one, suprisingly enough.

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Looking a bit grubby at Slimelight.

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Wall of girl :) + misiaggrivation

We're generally found in Leeds, London or Leicester clubbing of a weekend. Regularly between autonomy_uk, slimelight or the_wendyhouse, Festivals have included whitby and infest_uk and hopefully Machinenfest at some point soon !

Um...we like lots of stuff - found HERE (Laura) or HERE (Verity) Otherwise read & FIND OUT :)