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*happy noises*

It's Harry Potter Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (For me, anyway) I am going tonight at 7:30...only like 12 more hours! Hopefully the day goes by quickly!

I am using this icon not because I don't care, but just because it's Slytherin and also awesome :)

First post in a loooong long time! Hello peeps!

I went to see Public Enemies tonight. It just can't get a whole lot better than Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, two of my long time favorites!  Read more...Collapse )

During the movie, I noticed an FDIC sign in a bank and thought, hey we have signs just like that at work! And then after my dad asked me if the FDIC existed then. So I looked it up and sure enough the FDIC was created in 1933, which is the same year that the movie begins. You learn somethin new every day!


Short post

Guys fucking suck.

No real reason currently, just a general observation.



George Bush can't pass up an opportunity to dance

Gas prices went up to $3.65 today. Keep dancin, FUCKFACE. The world's doing to hell, but who cares?? Let's dance baby!! *rage*

 Is it ironic that it's earth day?

You know you love me

Seriously, why is Gossip Girl, so freaking addicting?? I think maybe it's because you get the guilty pleasure and fun of watching The Hills or Laguna Beach but with better vocabulary. I tried watching The Hills the other night and there were too many sentences made up almost entirely of the word "like"!

Poor Jenny she just can't win. It sucks for her that her brother fits in because he doesn't care and barely tries. And she barely fits in when all she does is try! I definitely don't miss high school AT ALL! I can't wait for next week and to see what "G" is up to! Hopefully she won't be as annoying as Dawn was! If she starts screaming "GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!" I will have seriously bad flashbacks!

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

My whole family (mom, dad and sister) and I went to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall last night. It was SO hilarious! SO SO FUNNY! It was more sexually explicit than I anticipated so it was slightly uncomfortable with the parents, but it was funny enough to make up for it and we all loved it.

*two thumbs up*


Dudes, I live in Northeast Indiana. We had an earthquake this morning. I woke up between 5:30-5:40 and my whole bed was shaking, it was like The Exorcist almost! (Well probably not that bad, but it woke me up!) I thought maybe I had dreamed it at first, but then I heard my mom get up so I got up and we were both like, "Did you feel that too??" So we turned the news on a few minutes later and they were talking about it on there!

Apparently it was a 5.4 earthquake in southeastern Illinois, and we felt it all the way over here! Practically an entire state away!

What if the earthquake was a sign? A bad omen and we just ignore it. There's gonna be a lot of red faces when the world comes to an end."

Girly TMI

At least I have one last Orange Cream Cadbury Egg OMG SO GOOD!!

My dad and I have brackets set up for the NCAA tournament and I have one with the girls at work, all just for fun and bragging rights. I tried watching it and I just can't get in to basketball too many timeouts and fouls that make the game take too loooooooong. It might not be so bad if CBS didn't have a commercial break at every time out. I guess they have to find some way to finance their broadcast thought.

Conquering the world with small victories

I let a girl at work borrow my SPN season two DVDs. She's already seen season 1 and a few of the latest season 3 episodes. I brought them to her on Saturday and she called me yesterday (I'm at a different branch now) to say that I was her hero and she's loving season 2 so far!
If Sam and Dean were in everyone's life, the world would be such a better place! :) It's still too long before the new ones start though!

I have the morning off since I worked Saturday and I was planning on sleeping in, but I woke up close to my normal time just out of habit. I think that means I'm getting old. I'll have to do something really immature today to counteract that!

I hate people

I don't understand what makes some people such giant assholes. In my job I go around to different branches of the bank whenever they need an extra person, usually for a week, sometimes more sometimes less. But then I don't really get to know the customers who come in like the rest of the tellers. So I get yelled at all the time for asking people for the ID, and I don't get it! It takes 2 seconds to pull your wallet out, no big deal.
Well this guy today was probably one of the worst people about it so far. He came through the drive-through so I walked over there and said Hello to him and he put a check and a deposit slip in the drawer. I look at it, he wants to deposit some and get cash back for the rest. So I say
very politely "Sir, I need your ID since you're getting cash back"
And he just stares at me blankly for a few seconds and then says "Yeah..."
Me: Since you're getting cash back I need your ID
Him: grumblegrumble *holds his wallet up to the window*
Me: Can you put it in the drawer for me? I can't see that far, thanks. (there's a big counter in between me and the window)
Him: grumblegrumble You can kiss my ass! I've been comin to this bank for years, I'm not dealin with the shit, I'm comin inside!

So I took his stuff over to one of the other tellers and told her to to do it because I wasn't dealing with him anymore. Luckily everyone who works at the branches are totally cool about backing me up about it, but sometimes I just say, nope I'm not doing it. Because we have certain policies that we have to follow and if our customers won't comply I have every right to tell them that nope, can't do it then, bye! I just don't understand what the big deal is! He had his wallet out, all he had to do was put in the stupid drawer, he didn't even have to take it out of his wallet!! And yesterday some other guy complained to the manager about me, but she totally backed me up and it was awesome, but he was still a dick even to her! People are fucking crazy