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(no subject)

June 16th, 2006 (11:43 am)

current location: gospel oak
current mood: uncomfortable

So, I'm departing from this livejournal. I might get another, but not right now. I'll still be on email (jasmine.worth at googlemail.com) and MSN (lacquerandvelvet at homail.com) seeing aws I'm not abandoning the whole internets! I hope I'll still get to see everyone - friends out of London, do let me know if you're in town - as I hope my life isn't totally reliant on this thing. It was getting a bit too much, and I don't know if this is what needs to change but it's a start.


(no subject)

July 19th, 2003 (08:44 pm)

fake or real indifference is a powerful personal weapon          ?

i'm going to go and watch hackers/cut up the face/type random stuff on my typewriter for the hell of it. yeah. i'm so tired, though. 3 days in a house near betws-y-coed where there was no phone reception (the house) or phone plug for internet usage. i did read the new harry potter though.

(no subject)

July 8th, 2003 (01:36 pm)

i was pissed off today cos ht eguy who was supposed to be doing my hair called in sick. he always seems to be ill. bastard. anyway, i went back in this afternoon to buy something, and my boss was there. he was v. sympathetic cos he didn't realise i leave for sweden tomorrow, and is going to try and fit me in somewhere. i just wanted nice hair for the gigs, wah!

also.. waiting for ark man to call me, i hope he does or i shall cry because i am feeling emotional. sulk. still, i indulged myself in some retail therapy earlier, spending loads of my money i was supposed to be saving. oh well, eh. i got a white baker-boy cap from topshop, which fits on my abnormally big head, yay. bought other stuff we need to take to sweden, and essential things like material and acrylic paint. sigh. i have no restraint.

(no subject)

July 7th, 2003 (10:59 am)

guh. i am so. tired.

didn't go to sleep last night, so getting up at 4 to go and get manics wristbands in london was actually quite pleasant. still, though. after we got them i wandered around the soho/regent st/oxford st area, waiting for h&m to open. and none of the record shops on berwick st were open when i walked past, which too was annoying. still, i spent loads of money on train and stuff from hennies. BUT i'm going to malmö in 2 days, so, wheeee!

(no subject)

July 3rd, 2003 (09:30 pm)

for the last couple of hours i've been watching an ark video someone sent me. live hultsfred 2001, a stars in their eyes-esque thing, an interview where i didn't understand a word they were saying but it was funny anyway, and 2 episodes of a show called bumtsibum. which too is very funny. ola doing craig david and morrissey and singing songs even though he hasn't got a clue how they go. ah. it's quite amusing even though it too is in swedish. i can't wait til wednesday!

i've also been making a belt and possibly have been inhaling a lot of spraypaint fumes. sticking things with superglue, coathangers and an old belt buckle, plastic sheeting. blue peter at its best.

(no subject)

July 2nd, 2003 (09:47 am)

i finally got around to doing this thing...

oneofthose 91%

fifilabelle 87%

highalive 87%

myfirstkitchen 87%

euphoricstimuli 84%

wardytron 83%

narrator 77%

drasticsturgeon 76%

_danger 76%

inmyskin 72%

tornskirt 70%

letra 68%

theabsolute 63%

culturedgoat 62%

nagnagnag 61%

whatawaster 60%

neevel 59%

catbo 53%

sallow 51%

viveleroi 47%

dezesseis 40%

How compatible with me are YOU?

(no subject)

July 1st, 2003 (09:20 pm)

guess what i did? missed a call from the ark's manager. a thousand times, gah.

(no subject)

June 30th, 2003 (09:35 pm)

i just won a really nifty looking typewriter on ebay :D


although i shouldn't really be spending money. and am still sort of paranoid about ebay. but hey.

also: is there anyone in london next monday morning, who'd be willing to queue with me for a manics wristband? you'll be paid for your trouble.

(no subject)

June 30th, 2003 (09:21 pm)


You will live in a shack.
You will drive a purple mini cooper.
You will marry Ola and have 3 kids.
You will be a rock star in Manchester.


(no subject)

June 30th, 2003 (12:49 pm)

good shopping day yesterday. i went up to london with my dad, to oxford circus & camden. ended up buying about a zillion pairs of earrings (ok, four), a necklace, a belt, a stripy 80s-esque dress and a cd. the only thing i really needed to buy was a pair of trousers. sigh. it was boiling hot though, and we went to this food courtyard thing in camden that i've never seen before. there were all these stalls selling all kinds of different food - curries, moroccan, plantain, strawberries, and this delicious fresh lemonade.

and now there's nothing on tv and it's pouring down with rain so i can't go & get a video. i would make something but i can't be bothered, and the ark man hasn't email me back yet so i can't work on my site. perhaps i'll go and buy harry potter and read it. if i could just remember what happened in the last one. the rain seems to have stopped temporarily anyway. and i need to buy bread.

oh yes, and i need to finish viveleroi's cd.

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