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an iron fist in a velvet glove

6 November 1976
my journal is friends-only.

I am:

-- forty.
-- a cancer survivor.
-- the owner of labyrinthine designs
-- an Atlantan.
-- employed.
-- an avid reader.
-- childfree.
-- pro-choice.
-- quite blunt.
-- cynical.

I am not:

-- gentle.
-- conservative.
-- religious.
-- into small talk.
-- a girly girl.
adam duritz, alone time, american idol, angie aparo, atheism, atlanta, barenaked ladies, bed bath and beyond, ben & jerry's, bitching, black, blues traveler, books, bookstores, boots, breaking benjamin, brian may, buttered popcorn jelly bellys, cadbury creme eggs, caffeine, candles, cardmaking, cats, chai, cheese, childfree, chocolate, clarinet, collective soul, computers, cost plus world market, counting crows, dean koontz, denis leary, desktop publishing, driving, dvds, eddie izzard, email, fleetwood mac, foamy, food network, frasier, freddie mercury, free verse, friends, furniture design, game show network, game shows, gene rayburn, george carlin, georgia, gin blossoms, grey, guys with long hair, harry potter, hgtv, high fidelity, hockey, honda accord, html, hugh laurie, ihop, ikea, interior design, introspection, jeans, jersey sheets, john cusack, journals, keto, kissing, kittens, knowledge, lane bryant, leather, life without pants, magnetic poetry, match game, memory dean, men, mix cds, movies, mp3s, music, my bed, nail polish, netflix, office space, online shopping, pajamas, pizza, proofreading, psychology, purple, queen, questionable content, reading, red hair dye, red meat, road trips, rolling stones, sarcasm, saxophone, scorpio, sex, signmaking, signs, silence, silliness, silver, sleep, solitude, sour patch kids, splenda, sterilization, sweet tea, t-shirts, tea, thai food, the eagles, the office, the sims, thinking, tivo, tv, typesetting, typography, used bookstores, waffle house, wood signs, writing, yankee candles