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Where am I going, where have I been?

It's been a busy two weeks. World Fantasy was... well, World Fantasy. We caught up with a lot of overseas friends, and had some good conversations and so forth (though many of them were shouted, due to the noise level in the bar). We took suricattus to the Lanes' Armoury (the marquis' favourite place to shop) and she *may* have forgiven us. After WFC, we had two sets of visitors -- first of all the lovely calendula_witch and the equally lovely Mark Ferrari, and then Mr and Mrs Chaz -- desperance and klwilliams. We did touristy things, and hung out with passing friends and drank thing and ate things, and I made scones(and disagreed with Chaz on how to pronounce them) and altogether had a splendid time and Serious Fun. (Apart from the washing machine breaking down and Horus getting into a fight and needing stitches -- he's doing well and is very smug because he is getting tuna [containing his antibiotic] twice a day. But these were blips in the Fun.)

And tomorrow, the marquis and I are off to Japan. I'm looking forward to it, and will try and to update here on what we do. I'm packed (with considerable help from Ish) and now wondering what I've forgotten (last time, it was handcream).

Finally -- and this is the embarrassing bit, I have been invited to be guest of honour at next year's Novacon. It's a huge honour and I am both delighted and astonished to have been asked.
How is everyone in lj land?

Skirt of the day: long blue batik cotton

Ola Madrid

We seem to be in Madrid. The marquis, who has a cold, decided mid-week that he needed a break -- fie on all this conrunning -- and, being unable to finds late season skiing with a Sunday departure (because the laundry must be thought of), settled for swords instead -- and the largest collection of swords and armour he knows of that he hasn't yet seen is in Madrid, so...
So here we are, in the Chamberi district of Madrid (pretty) at the Hotel Orfila (very posh -- a bit alarming -- and very friendly) with a plan to see a large amount of fine Gothic armour tomorrow. This is our third attempt to do so, earlier ones having been thwarted by such things as snow and very unfriendly check-in times. I am half expecting the collection to be shut for polishing, but mainly hoping it isn't, as a marquis with a cold deserves some armour to cheer him up.
Also, we forgot the camera.
How is everyone today?

Skirt of the day: jeans. Skirts and small planes are not a good match.

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We had a lovely time in California. We had dinner with sartorias at a fabulous Mexican restaurant, and talked. I got to hang out with zaan, who I do not get to see anything like often enough. We attended the Wedding Of The Year.
And we got to fly business class on the way home, due to an upgrade.
I am shattered, but in a good way.
1041 new words today despite the jetlag.

Skirt of the day: blue flouncey.