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Extraordinary scenes

Much to my astonishment, the Grass King rewrites actually started behaving, finally, and flowing and working. Of course, they waited until 6.45 pm to do so, having played coy all afternoon. But after several hours of type-and-delete, I have 1078 new shiny words, and a conviction that the blasted book is going to end up even longer. Bah. At least, Aude's childhood (as included in the book) is getting longer.
Writing about religion is hard. Why, she asked herself, do I end up in such situations. My characters don't agonise over shoes or even each other (well not that much, anyway), but the nature of faith, or the consequences of private land ownership, or the relationship between power and responsibility. Pages n' pages. That's what I get for being a historian, I guess.

Skirt of the day: jeans, it's still cold.


Horus has decided he can, in fact, use his new cat flap. He'd prefer to have the door opened, of course, but the flap will do.

More rewriting, very slowly, on Grass King. I'm revisiting Aude's childhood. My elbows are complaining. I'm blaming the weather.

Skirt of the day: jeans. It's freezing here.

In which R4 jumps to conclusions, and the marquise is efficient.

Dear Person who was just on R4,
I honour your intention in protecting birds by imposing a curfew on cats during the breeding season. It's a good idea.
It's been recommended by cat charities for years, for the welfare of both birds and cats. Most accidents involving cats happen in the evenings and early mornings, the same time as peak bird feeding time. My cats have had a twilight curfew since the early 90s. Not all cat owners are irresponsible or incapable of thinking of things for ourselves.
the marquise.

Words added to Grass King 1332. Ferret women have moved on from fighting cushions to biting other characters. I may be having too much fun with this, and I daresay there will be cuts later. But, y'know, book is being nice to me.

Laundry done
Cleaning done
Celts sorted again (with some pictures found)
Reference written for nice former student.
Next up: remind the marquis to buy rhubarb, for further cake.

I like being efficient. It makes me feel much more worthwhile than usual.
Skirt of the day: very favourite blue tiered long skirt that I love so much it's falling apart.