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New words: 645
First new line: His eyes narrowed as his attention turned once again to Owain.

Chapter 2 finished and chapter 3 started: the king of Ceredigion is about to arrive. Owain is worried about what to tell the king, the king is very annoyed, and the abbot is smug. Gif is feeling left out.

Stopped short as my neck started hurting, and I had to switch to Dragon naturally Speaking, with which I'm still not fully adept. It's learning the Welsh names very fast, though, which is impressive and I am getting faster. It's a good programme and I should learn to be more comfortable with it, as it is better for my shoulders.

Also had a very pleasant afternoon sitting in the garden, and inflicted an Indian film buddy song on woolymonkey. Have eaten too many crisps, but I can do penance later, I guess.

Skirt of the day: silk patchwork.
Goth marquise

That's better

A slight return to efficiency at last. Laundry has been done, exercise has been taken and 500 words have been added to Grass King via Dragon. We're getting there -- it's not a lot, but this diction thing is taking some getting used to. I've stopped as it was starting to give me a headache. I may go back later.
Mooncat is delighted with the weather, the boys are suspending judgement. It's too hot for me, but I'm much further down the household pecking order.

Excuses, excuses

There will be an Alsace report. With pictures. I swear it.
I've had a bit of a week. Monday, my dodgy shoulder went out really badly, leaving me with a heavy-duty headache and a lot of [pain when trying to type anything. Tuesday, I was due to take the cats for their annual boosters and check-ups, only to find that I had a flat tyre. SO I re-arranged the appointment and took the car off to be fixed.
Only to be told that that I needed four new tyres for a mere £Ouch. Sat around for 3 hours for this, paid, left, said 'ouch' physically and financially. Wed, wake up feeling lousy, take cats to vet, pay £Ouch, come home, deal with irritating stuff that has built up over the holiday.
Thursday. Decide I can take no more of the shoulder pain, book emergency osteopath appt. Keep long-arranged dental appt (ouch and £Ouch); go to osteopath, who cures the headache temporarily (Yay! I love my osteopath), gives me exercises to help and tells me to come back in a week. More £Ouch.
Go to local software emporium and buy Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred v.10 wireless edition, because typing has been long term very bad for me, I have got no writing done all week due to pain and, well, I should be writing. More £Ouch.
I'll report on D NS as I go along, but so far it's very user friendly and easy to understand. I haven't got to dictating into LJ yet, though, so this is typed with much ouch-ing. (We are still training each other.)
PS And, of course, am now bankrupt-ish. (As in I seem to have just under £30 to my name till the end of the month. Though I will get to pay myself back for the tyres from my emergency fund.) And have had bill from hire car company for diesel. Bah.
But there will be photos, I promise. (Castles! Storks! Beautiful towns! Fairy tale gites!)