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World Fantasy Awards

Today is the last day to nominate for the World Fantasy Awards for 2013.


This blog is promoting Michelle Sagara's wonderful Silence, Chaz Brenchley's House of Bells and Liz Williams', WOrldsoul in the novel category; Aliette de Bodard's 'On A Red Station, Drifting', and C E Murphy, 'No Dominion', for novella; and, in the short story category, Jacey Bedord's funny and charming 'Djinn Bottle', Aliette's wonderful, Nebula-winning 'Immersion', and Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, 'Song of the Body Cartographer'.

I could in very remote theory have a horse in the novel race, but I have no expectations. There are many many very fine books out there.


I have the honour and privilege of blogging today on the Big Idea feature on John Scalzi's website, Whatever. I'm talking about banned books and printing and Antwerp: do come by and take a look. And many, many thanks to Mr Scalzi.

Elsewhere, I'm preparing my talk for Congenial, writing about musketeers, pondering my new book idea and wondering what the cats are doing. How are your days going so far?

Skirt of the day: blue cotton.

Only 24 hours

Less than 24 hours to go until new book day. Colour me nervous. I really hope you're going to like it.
Meanwhile, I have three of my silly promotional pens to give away. Leave me a comment and I'll pick out winners from a hat tomorrow.

Skirt of the day: patchwork silk wrap.

EDIT: and it's Tuesday. queenoftheskies, princejvstin and steepholm, you have each won a pen.

Competition winners

With the help of my lovely assistant, the marquis, we've selected the winners of the two competitions.

Caption Competition:

aitgereda for: "Fearing the Mighty Sunshine Powerup, the dragon attacks!" -- prize, Darkening Skies by Juliet E McKenna

bugshaw for: "It is the English Summer. I found it outside. I caught it and killed it and left it to die on the rug. PRAISE ME" -- prize, Dangerous Waters by Juliet E McKenna.

Competition for 2 advance copies of The Grass King's Concubine


Mystery Prize


Well done to everyone. Please could you all get in touch with me via lj message or email and send me postal addresses, so I can send out your prizes.

Oh, and the answers to the Dumas competition.
According to Dumas, Aramis' real name is Rene d'Herblay.
The historical figure on whom he was based is Henri d'Aramitz.
Athos' first name, according to Dumas, is Olivier, which as jen_qoe spotted, occurs in his stage play, La Jeunesse des Mousquetaires.

Another Competition

First of all, you still have two days to win one of jemck's wonderful Hadrumal Crisis novels: the marquis and I will be selecting the two winners on Tuesday. The details are here

Secondly, it's just over two weeks until the official publication date for The Grass King's Concubine but I have two advance copies to give away. This time, it's a Musketeers'-related trivia quiz.

There's a two-part question, plus a special bonus question for a mystery prize. I will be screening replies until Wednesday, when I'll put all the answers into a hat and draw the two winners.

Here's the main question: you need to answer both parts

What is Aramis's real name according to Alexandre Dumas pere? And what is the name of the historical figure on whom he was based?

The bonus question, for the mystery prize (you don't have to get the other question right to win this one): in The Three Musketeers, Dumas tells us that Athos is the pseudonym for the Comte de la Fere. Elsewhere in his writings, Dumas also gave Athos a first name. What is it?

Speechless in Cambridge

But not word-less...

deborahjross, who is a brilliant writer and a wonderful person who I admire hugely, just made me tear up by posting this. I can't begin to express how touched and honoured I am. And startled and embarrassed and all sorts of things. I look forward to her next post on this anthology, because it is fine and I am, in my own opinion, the weakest link therein.

And I realise I did a Bad Meme. It was all about words, really: there was no intention to check. That came with the phrasing. But I apologise anyway. Will do better in future.