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And she's back

We had a lovely time skiing -- the weather was variable and I took one day off as I could not see to ski -- but the hotel was a delight and a joy, and the days I did ski were great fun.
And we came back and the cats deigned to notice us and the boiler was leaking... And the marquis had a 36 hour turnaround before being sent off to Detroit and Concord and Boston and LA for work for nearly two whole weeks. I am not whelmed by this latter, not one bit. He set off at 7 a.m. this morning, and I waited in for the boiler man, who was prompt and efficient and yay, it works again. But I failed to write, due to being too tired to think.
However, in the doubleplusgood column, mid-afternoon mkillingworth arrived for a few days, which is wonderful. We don't see enough of her these days and she is lovely company.
How are you all? What have I missed?

Stolen Marquis Update

The marquis has arrived safely in Nagoya, after travelling for roughly 24 hours. He likes the hotel and says all seems calm and orderly. He did have to sit on the tarmac at Nagoya airport for 45 minutes before being obliged to fly on to Tokyo and take six more hours getting back to Nagoya, which was tedious. The plane made an extra stop to let off emergency supplies for transportation (Nagoya is nowhere near the affected areas) and he asked if he could disembark too, but it was not to be. The cabin crew tried quite hard to help him, but couldn't get authorisation. (He only had carry-on luggage.) He's now gone in search of food before bed.