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Entries by tag: foshan leung sinsaang

Metrics and memeage

New words: 1033
First new line written: Men from the abbey, men from Dyfed, men from Ceredigion gathered in groups of four and five to search.

On the beach, a white dog with red ears is barking its distress and Owain is blaming himself.

Writing meme day 6. Where are you most comfortable writing? At what time of day? Computer or good ol' pen and paper?

I was a pen and paper person for many many years -- LWG went through two complete drafts in long hand. I wrote all my academic stuff by hand first, too, until Welsh Kings, which was partly written from pre-existing lectures. Bits and pieces of Grass King were written long hand, but most of it went straight onto computer, which seems now to be my process. I write best mid-morning (between around 9.30 and noon) and early evening (16.30 -- 19.00). And I mostly write on the PC at my desk in the alcove under the stairs in the marquis' and my bedroom, with my dictionaries and text books and reference materials to hand (and Mooncat on the desk, as often as not, though right now she's on the boiler downstairs, and Ish is managing me from the windowsill). The laptop gets taken out for visits and train journeys and writing dates, but I don't have the coffee shop habit. (I can imagine writing in a couple of our local pubs, but I'm not convinced that it would be good for my output.)

No builders today (and no skirt, either -- I'm in jeans). Meanwhile, I'm two thirds through Real Kung Fu, which is full of grand old actors from the 70s and 80s demonstrating that they still have it in their 50s and 60s (and maybe 70s, in the case of Lee Hoi San). A lovely, lovely pole fight between Yuen Biao (who would have been 47 when he made this) and Leung Kar-Yan in episode 11: beautiful choreography and speed, and Biao does the most elegant one-handed twisting back cartwheel (holding the pole). I asked the marquis, who is 45, if he anticipated being able to do such things at 47, to which he replied, 'As much as I've ever been able to'. Leung Kar-Yan, who was 60 last year, was never formerly trained and has signs of arthritis in his hands but still has the moves and has become a more nuanced actor than he was in his late 70s heyday. Other high points include a terrific contest between Leung Kar-Yan and Kok Jing-Hung (who would have been 37); and a Yuen Biao -- Liu Chia-Hui hand-to-hand in episode 14 which is hugely fast (and not undercranked).

Metrics -- and Real Kung Fu!

New words today: 1061
First new line: From the other side of Tryffin, the elderly monk, Brother Sawyl, spoke up. ‘The young find it hard to recognise sin.’
Fight! Well, verbal conflict, at least. Sawyl is quoting Gildas. Gwgan approves. Abbot Sulien doesn't -- and what is up with Cadog?

The shiny: half an hour spent translating bits of Gildas' On the Ruin of Britain. Because a good rant never dates.

Skirt of the day: rust cotton.

It's still too hot and the builders have gone home for the day. I've been watching Foshan Leung Sinsaang (aka Real Kung Fu) from 2005, which was Yuen Biao's first tv series for Hong Kong station TVB. At twenty episodes, it's short by TVB standards, but its selling point was the reappearance of real action stars and fight scenes. It's loosely based on YB's early star vehicle The Prodigal Son (Ba ga jai, Hong Kong 1982) which I wrote about a while back. In FLS, YB reprises his role as Leung Jan, who is here a hard-working but poor kung fu student who gets caught up in a murder, an opium ring and some nasty politics. Maggie Siu Mei Chi, who co-starred with him in The Ultimate Crime Fighter is his sharp-tongued love interest and his first master is the wonderful Yuen Wah. (Yay. We love Yuen Wah.) Leung Kar Yan takes on the role played in the film by the late Lam Ching Ying and does a very OTT impression of the latter. Lee Hoi Sam is on hand as a faithful servant, and Gordon Liu Chia-Hui is a local magistrate. Some excellent choreography and set pieces so far and no major angst -- but I'm only 6 episodes in, so that's sure to turn up soon.

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