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Adventures with my neighbours pets: the sequel

I am a soft touch: Heinlein would have said I deserved no even breaks. If there's a lame duck or a lost cause, I'm your go-to girl. The marquis despairs of me. I despair of me.
I'm playing unexpected host to my neighbours' dog. She managed to get out of their very well-constructed dog-proof back garden and sat in their front garden howling and complaining for about two hours. Which worried me, of course, because she's not a young dog and her people were clearly out at work and I am infamously a pushover for animal. Having taken her water and checked the fence to see if I could show her how to get back to the back garden (which I couldn't), muggins here decided that it was getting cold and dark, and that she was distressed, so I brought her home. And left a message for the neighbours telling them where she is.
She's a sweet little thing: dim, but very friendly, and she' now happily ensconced in a bean bag. The cats are deeply not impressed. I'm hoping the neighbours are home soon... (This is the rather difficult neighbour, so they may yell at me for interfering. I hope not, though: she was a very unhappy little dog stuck on her own.)
ETA: Dog now home, neighbour pleased to see her and very happy she was somewhere warm and safe.
Skirt of the day: dog-hair dotted denim.