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The marquise's fashion tips (winter 2013)

Today I am mostly wearing:
leggings (black), socks (purple), one long skirt (burgundy print), one underskirt (grey), floral tunic dress (black, blue and purple), one cardigan (purple) and a shawl (rose pink. (And underwear.) It looks better than I expected.
I wish the weather would make up its mind as to whether today is cold or not, though. I don't have any pink, black or purple fingerless gloves.

The cold-in-the-nose is mostly gone -- today's big discovery is that a cough plays havoc with voice-activated software. ^The marquis gave me Rosetta Stone Chinese for Christmas and I am exploring it. I have thoughts on how it works, but they're still forming -- more of that later, maybe. It's good to be back studying Chinese, though -- I've missed it. Wo hen xihuan xue Zhongwen.

From time to time I find myself dreaming in another language than English -- this is connected, honest. Usually it's French; occasionally Welsh or Chinese. What tends to happen with the latter is that I wake myself up trying to find a word I need in the dream but have forgotten or don't know. The night before last, I found myself dreaming in Danish. This is ridiculous. I have precisely one sentence in Danish (and that;s 'thank you very much'). I have to assume that my subconscious was supplying Danish sounding noises. But, all the same.... Please tell me that I am not alone in doing this kind of thing?

Skirt of the day: long silky burgundy.