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Entries by tag: builders

Metrics and memeage

New words today: 1045
First new line: Men poured up the hill to the site of the abbot’s hall, crowding around the blackened walls.
(which is a bit clumsy and needs reworking, I think).
Hyfaidd is plotting and Owain is worried.

Writing meme question 5: By age, who is your youngest character? Oldest? How about “youngest” and “oldest” in terms of when you created them?
By age, Gif the dog is definitely the oldest -- she's only 9 months. And the Grass King has to be the oldest, given he's some kind of elemental embodiment thingy who has more or less always been.
In the other sense, discounting fanfic, Valdarrien has been around longest: I first wrote about him in 1989. The newest is a nameless monk who served Hyfaidd with a cup of water in what I wrote today.

It's too hot and I am, as a result, rather ratty. Horus has had a very long nap, as he refused to go out until after the builders had left for the day. And I am obliged to keep an eye on Moon, as they poured concrete today, and she has form in walking in it when wet. (We warned the builders about this, to which N, the main contractor, said, 'Ah, she wants to be famous.')
Skirt of the day: red and gold silk wrap.

Metrics and memeage

New words today: 1581 --- 555 this morning, the rest between 16.30 and 18.20, Two writing sessions is clearly the way to go.
First new line: Other men crowded past him, pushing and jostling each other in the need to see, differences forgotten now.
The fire is out, but the king of Ceredigion is missing. We may have a body before the end of tomorrow.

Writing meme question 4: Tell us about one of your first stories/characters!
The first 'proper' sf story I wrote was for my English teacher when I was 12 or 13. It was a tale of treachery, telepathic identical twins and a spaceship in danger, heavily influenced by classic Star Trek. The heroine -- raven-headed, grey eyed, telepathic and tragic -- had Mary Sue stamped all through her bones, but I had a lot of fun writing about her and her adventures for several years afterwards and I still have a fondness for her. She was 17, as I recall, and I had her tragic death at 23 all planned out -- that was, after all, hideously old, and no-one could possibly want to age any further. I don't think there's anything remotely retrievable in those stories, but they were good practice and I learnt a lot before her perfection began to grate on me and I just stopped writing about her. And my next main heroine was a tough interstellar union activist, who I still think may have a story or two in her.

In other news, the builders are back and are preparing to fit pipes and pour concrete, much to the marquis' relief. He doesn't like building delays. Horus, on the other hand, does not like strangers in his garden, so is less impressed. And I sneaked out for a lovely long lunch (with good beer and good ciabatta and very nice cake) with woolymonkey and her friend L, who is delightful.

Skirt of the day: long crinkle wedgewood.


New words today: 1074
First new line: ‘Welcome,’ he said. ‘Follow me.’

There's a feast and I am struggling. Unlike desperance, I do not have the gift of food porn. Chaz, how do I make fish and pork and root vegetables sound exciting?

Mooncat likes her new outdoor litter tray very much, though the structural engineer doesn't appreciate our neighbour's trees. Builders are taking tomorrow off while the engineer and the architect talk foundations.
It's too hot. I am wearing one of my lightest skirts and I'm still warmer than I like. Horus is basking in the shade, Moon is monitoring all activities. Ish I haven't seen all day: he has Duties, after all.

Skirt of the day: floral flippy.


New words: 1138
First new line: Owain wished her brother well of that.
A bit treacly today -- I've finished ch. 3 and started 4, which needs to be mostly politics and may be slow going.
There is now a largish hole in the back garden where the foundations of the marquis' new shed will be. Horus is deeply dubious about the builders but likes the new landscaping.
And I seem to have done something faintly foolish while exercising and my shoulders are very complain-y. Boo to that.
Skirt of the day: green silk wrap.


New words: 1041
Project: The Drowning Kings
First new line today: He said, ‘I’m sorry. About the dog.’
Gif is uncertain and Owain isn't sure he knows how to talk to girls.

Why, I ask myself, do I not only give the dog a name from a very early nursery rhyme, but then bang my head against a nasty textual problem in the two lines therein that I need to translate? Mutter, mutter, mutter... There's nothing like Welsh history to send you to the dogs (and the dictionary) sometimes.

The builders left early today, as they have run out of stuff to do without their digger,a nd that doesn't arrive till Monday. So all is nice and quiet. A friend of a neighbour has come round and collected the marquis' ancient Honda CM125 motorbike, intending to rebuild it, and the marquis is happy that it's finally found a new home. The cats are fascinated by the new aspects in their garden -- no shed! Lots of bits of ex-shed leaning on the hedge to be sniffed and marked! Big open sandpit! Wheel-barrows! Ish likes the new things to investigate, Mooncat like having new people to supervise and everyone likes the new tunnels behind the leaning bits of wood, but Horus is rather baffled by the sudden reduction in branches and height of one of his climbing trees.
Skirt of the day: denim. It's cooler weather and I have no brain.


New words today: 1006
First new line: The atmosphere in the hall was poisonous.
Gif is happy, and Owain has just met someone who is more important that he knows.

The builders have finished for the day. My poor apple tree is no more than a stump, the marquis' old shed in a pile of neat pieces and the concrete slab that underlay it is rubble, save for a corner where Caspian set his paw-prints, which we've saved. I've rescued a few of the baby apples, with a hope of perhaps being able to grow something from one of them. Moon has supervised to her satisfaction: Horus havered, hovered, hid, then rushed back in at around 3 to tell me that we had Invaders! It was Loud! Ish has been about his own affairs.
I'm proud of myself for writing through this, despite finding it all very distracting and alarming. Experience tells me that I'll grow re-accustomed to builders about the place. I survived nine months of it while working on i>The Four Musketeers</i>, but all the same...

Skirt of the day: gold silk wrap.

The invasion has started

The builders arrived at 8 a.m. and are busy dismantling things (including our poor eating apple tree. I'm very sad about this bit). They seem like nice blokes, but all the same...
Woman gibbers quietly in study...


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