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#redwriter rides again

Given how much people trafficking goes on, and how complicit some UK employers are in this -- this matters.
Immigrants 'undercutting' British workers isn't about the immigrants. It's about the employers who would rather mistreat, abuse and entrap foreign workers than pay a living wage to them or to anyone. We've seen an increase in abuse of British people with learning disabilities forced into domestic labour, too, and that's fuelled by the same thing -- greed.
Everyone deserves a living wage and respectful terms and conditions. No-one should live in modern slavery so that an employer can up his profit. If we leave the EU, we won't see a miraculous increase of jobs for Britons in the low paid sectors where immigrant workers are being abused (hotels and catering, agriculture, domestic service and far too many more). We'll see an increase in people-trafficking.
The people at fault aren't the immigrants, they're the greedy bosses who would rather abuse people and break the law than pay a living wage. EU law helps us fight these people. EU law helps the British police find and close down people-traffickers wherever they are. (And in passing I will note that the North Cambs force has been doing a wonderful job finding, stopping and prosecuting these modern slave-traders. Leaving will make that job harder and increase the problems for everyone.)
Britain isn't perfect, but we have a long history of combatting human rights' abuses. We have welcomed people in need for centuries (not always with good grace, but we've done it). We have been people of mixed ethnicity since the Romans, at the latest, and it has always benefited us. Our industrial innovation, our scientific progress, our arts and culture are all blended, created by Britons of mixed ancestry.
We are not just Little England. We are not just narrow. We are not just scared people hiding behind Big Bad Boris and his portfolio of emotive exaggerations, misrepresentations and even lies.
We are better than that. We are kinder than that. We are more generous than that.
The rich and the privileged want us to forget our kindness, our compassion, our empathy. They want us scared, because scared people are easy to control. And they want us to focus our fear on an easy target -- foreigners -- who are in the main just as vulnerable as we are -- because that distracts us from the real danger, which is the greed and arrogance of the rich.
The EU didn't cause the 2008 crash: that was greedy rich financiers and their friends.
The EU didn't cause austerity: that was greedy, rich, Tory politicians who see our Welfare State as a threat to their profit, because they don't make as much money from public services as from privatised ones.
Immigrants didn't cause the crash, or austerity.
Immigration is not the problem.
Rich, entitled, establishment cronies are the problem.
Don't sell us all to Boris, Nigel, and their greedy, selfish friends.
Brexit could destroy EU progress on tackling modern slavery
Britain would be weaker in the fight against people trafficking outside the EU


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