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Signal boost: J Damask/Joyce Chng

I'm a big fan of Joyce Chng's work and recommend her highly.

Originally posted by aliettedb at Signal boost: J Damask/Joyce Chng

Just a quick post to say that J Damask/Joyce Chng could really use some support right now, as she’s undergoing treatment for a breast disease–in addition to the health issues and the draining side-effects, it doesn’t come cheap. You can buy her books here:

-Rider Trilogy: Young Adult SF. A cross between Dragons of Pern and Chinese culture–Agri-Seer Lifang never expected to ride one of the fabled Quetz; much less the depth of the bond that develops between them… More info here . Book 1: Rider/Book 2: Speaker/Book 3: Chaser (forthcoming)

-Oysters, Pearls and Magic: a novella set on a planet colonised by Asians–and the story of their tumultous relationship with the sea.

-Jan Xu/myriad series: urban fantasy set in Singapore. The MC is a mother-of-two and member of a pack of Chinese werewolves. Wonderful sense of atmosphere and great multiculturalism–plus, how many UFs do you know that are set in Asia? The first two books are a bit hard to get hold of, but book 3 was just released, and you can read it without prior knowledge of either book 1 or 2. (I’m told books 1 and 2 will be reissued in the future, will let you know when more news).

And if you want to read samples, hop on over here and have a look at Starfang: The Rise of the Clan (a space opera with werewolves, politics and intrigue).

Please help and/or signal boost?

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