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Happy Birthday NHS

The NHS, the brilliant, life-saving creation of Aneurin Bevan, is 65 today. In those 65 years, it has saved millions, prevented epidemics, given millions back their health, helped millions deal with complex medical needs. It is a beacon of altruism, kindness, decency and genuine social equality. When it comes to health care in the UK, we really are 'all in it together' because it is there to help all of us, regardless of colour, gender, sexual orientation, creed, class or wealth status.
The Greed party and their friends want to take this away from us. They want to cream off lucrative services as money-making presents for their fat cat friends and selves. They continue to subscribe to free market ideology in the face of 30 years of evidence to the effect that unregulated markets solve nothing, create, sustain and increase inequality and destory lives, societies, cultures and economies. The majority of the population of the UK is opposed to this policy of privatisation for its own sake (and to line the pockets of the wealthy even further).
I'm proud of the NHS. I'm proud to live in a country that created it. (There are many things about the UK of which I am not proud at all. But I am proud of this one thing.) I support the NHS wholeheartedly.
We need to keep fighting for it. We need to do our best to ensure it's there to help, to support and to save those who come after us.

Skirt of the day: blue batik print.
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