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Ola Madrid

We seem to be in Madrid. The marquis, who has a cold, decided mid-week that he needed a break -- fie on all this conrunning -- and, being unable to finds late season skiing with a Sunday departure (because the laundry must be thought of), settled for swords instead -- and the largest collection of swords and armour he knows of that he hasn't yet seen is in Madrid, so...
So here we are, in the Chamberi district of Madrid (pretty) at the Hotel Orfila (very posh -- a bit alarming -- and very friendly) with a plan to see a large amount of fine Gothic armour tomorrow. This is our third attempt to do so, earlier ones having been thwarted by such things as snow and very unfriendly check-in times. I am half expecting the collection to be shut for polishing, but mainly hoping it isn't, as a marquis with a cold deserves some armour to cheer him up.
Also, we forgot the camera.
How is everyone today?

Skirt of the day: jeans. Skirts and small planes are not a good match.
Tags: the cambridge skirt mountain., travel

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