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I managed the magic 2k today, which, for me, is An Achievement. Des Rocès is in philosophical, if fatalistic mood; Liyan is intrigued.

Here's a teaser, with a clue wrapped inside:

“And I wonder why it is that humans linger, sometimes, beyond death in this world.” Liyan had no answer for that, either. Qiaqia might know. Des Rocès continued, “The order that trained me, the undarii, believe that ghosts belong to your domain, to you know. To earth. Ghostsight is most often a gift of the Stoneborn. It’s my gift. The dead have clung to me most of my life, here and elsewhere. All save those I would most wish to have held on to.”

6 weeks to publication date for Grass King. I'm fretting...
At least Federer is still hanging on in there, at Wimbledon. (Losing Nadal yesterday was a blow, but to lose Federer as well... Unthinkable. Although I shall be watching for Julien Benneteau again. He has a beautiful game.)

Skirt of the day: black cotton trousers. I know. It's humid. I look like a bag lady. But...
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