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I have made a metrics post for a while, it occurs to me. Death and the Madwoman is gathering pace and the end-game (if not the end) is in sight, I think. I hope!
1604 new words added today. Jehan is watching and Aude is pondering, as the city begins to fall apart. Here's a snippet:

"The men and women who owned factories and mines and mills could choose, as she had, to visit them, to inspect conditions and ask questions. They could choose to care, if their employees were content, if they were well-fed and well-treated. Most of them did not. Most of them were like her uncle. They did not mean to be cruel, they did not set out to do harm, but they simply did not know enough to avoid either – and they took no steps to learn. They looked at balance sheets and profits, at the ups and downs of international trade and the pressures of supply and demand and they placed those interests first. To her uncle, a factory hand was as much as piece of equipment as a loom-weight or a shuttle or a spindle."

My politics are on my sleeve.

Skirt of the day: green floral cotton wrap.
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