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As it's Bastille Day and as today's Writer's Bloc question is even more US-centric than usual -- "Subtitles please
What is your favorite foreign film? Do you think there should be an American remake?" --I think it's time to raise our own virtual flags of internet independence and ask you all WhatUS film is your favourite? Do you think there should be a non-US remake (with cultural tropes erased, history altered etc --, no Hollywood, you are still not forgiven for Sommersby?

Mine, I think, would be High Noon, which would make a great martial arts adventure, to be directed by Tsui Hark or Yuen Kwai. In the last days of the Ching dynasty, a retired martial arts' teacher -- Yuen Biao -- on the verge of marriage to the daughter of a local official, is forced out of retirement by his future father-in-law to resist the arrival in town of a group of anti-government rebels, led by Yuen Wah, Chin Kar-Lok and Ngai Sing (the latter of whom is the former fiance of our hero's beloved). Forced to chose between the woman he loves and his own anti-government principles, what choice will our hero make? Li Bing-Bing would play the love interest, the mighty Ti Lung her father, and we'll throw in some evil foreign trouble-makers for good measure, who're trying to trick poor Chinese labourers into indentured service on the US railways (including YB's idealistic brother, played by Daniel Wu Yin-Cho, who was once the best friend of Ngai Sing)...


Jul. 14th, 2011 06:01 pm (UTC)
Yes I can see that, but I don't think we're quite as bad over here. I think most British kids see Year 11 Proms/balls as a fun night out, rather than something one needs to focus one's entire attention on for most of a school year.
Watching all the American stuff I do (and it's probably too much) it always stikes me that they clearly know their school system is flawed, but yet nothing is done. I'm also alarmed by how bullying is treated as just part of the school experience.
Jul. 14th, 2011 06:08 pm (UTC)
Yes, that worries me, too.

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