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Yet more metrical memeage

New words: 1002 -- fairly quick, but not inspired.
First new line -- There was no conversation on the way back to the abbey.

Owain is wondering why King Gwgan was on the beach, Dyfnan is distressed and the abbot is competent.

Writing meme question 8: What's your favourite genre to write? To read?

Oh, easy one. What I love to write is weird stuff -- ghosts, mists, strange cultures. Fantasy, in the main, but of the odd, rather than the epic flavour. When it comes to reading, I'm more governed by the writing than anything else. I'll read in most genres, as long as the book is good, though I'm most like to try new mystery writers than anything else, I don't like most horror, and I've never read a western.

The knee is feeling rather better after a day of doing very little, which is good. In other news, about 5 pm our nice new neighbour came round to ask me to retrieve Ish, who had taken up residence in their bedroom and was being growly. He is a very bad cat.
Skirt of the day: turquoise linen.
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