Kari Sperring (la_marquise_de_) wrote,
Kari Sperring

Signal boost: Sakineh Mohammedi Ashtiani facing death for claimed adultery

Please take the time to go and read about the ongoing case of Sakineh Mohammedi Ashtiani, who was facing death by stoning in Iran for alleged adultery, and is now liable to be hanged. She was exonerated of involvement in the murder of her husband, but is still on death row because it was alleged she had some kind of sexual involvement with his murderers (though whether she did is very murky). Her children have stood by her and have organised an international campaign on her behalf and have succeeded in having the stoning sentence commuted to hanging. There are details and a petition here: http://freesakineh.org/

More details here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/10565103

I respect the rights of countries to set their own laws, but my tolerance wears thin when such laws involve the abuse of women.
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