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Metrics and memeage

New words: a rather sticky 647.
First new line: ‘I will let your wife and the holy brothers pass through my kingdom unmolested. So long as you and your warband remain within the boundaries of Ceredigion.’

Hyfaidd is pensive, and Owain is jumping to conclusions.

Writing meme, day 2: 2. How many characters do you have? Do you prefer males or females?

I have no idea how many! I tend to large casts, though -- Grass King surprised me by having only eleven named characters (plus a named horse). I suspect LWG has rather more -- pauses to think -- at least 19. So far Drowning Kings has 13, as of chapter 5. And quite a few more speaking parts. I refuse to count up the short story ons, of the fanfic...
I do have favourite characters, but I don't think it's to do with gender. I find my female characters more difficult, sometimes, as I have to work harder to let them be stroppy without being 'feisty' (I hate 'feisty' heroines) but that's to do with the way we're used to thinking about men and women, not to do with my preferences. My favourite characters in LWG,/i> are Thiercelin and Amalie; in Grass King I probably love Qiaqia best; in Drowning Kings I'm not sure as yet, though I have a very soft spot for Gif the dog.
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